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Sarah's 4th Birthday
February 2005

At Hayden's birthday last week Sarah was very impressed with his cake, which had toy cars on top. She said she wanted a car cake for her birthday! I asked her if she wanted cars on top like Hayden or a cake shaped like a car, and she chose this.

We had to spend about 20 minutes in the frosting aisle of the grocery store deciding what color the car, windows, and letters were going to be. Fortunately all the people who had to move around us were very gracious and said they understood how important the decision was!

Sarah added the sprinkles herself.

  Blowing out her candle!
  Christine, Liz, Susan, Tim, and Nigel all joined us for dinner. Sarah had mac and cheese; the rest of us ordered out from Big Papa's BBQ!

Sarah admires her new fairy princess wand from Grandma and Grandpa Zymboly. It makes a fairy princess magic spell sound when you press a button. After the first 100 spells were cast, Daddy says, "I think you need to bring that to Arkansas for spring break!" :)

The wand came with high heels, a tiara, and a bracelet and went very well with the Disney Princess Leapster cartridge from Grammy and Grandpa Depper. Do they know their granddaughter, or what? Sarah opened the Leapster cartridge and said, "I've always wanted this!" even though she'd never seen it before!

  Here's Sarah's piece of cake after she carefully ate all the frosting off of it!

The dinner portion of Sarah's party was co-opted a bit by the Super Bowl, but Sarah didn't seem to mind!

Go Patriots!




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