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Cape Cod, June 2003
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  We had the best time with our family on Cape Cod! Here are Grammy and Grandpa with their grandkids and a roadside restaurant waiting for dinner. (Sarah missed her nap and is on the other side of the table conked out in Daddy's arms.)
  As usual, Grammy brought some special books to share and did a lot of reading to the girls.
  Em and Kurt have the same running/climbing genes!
  Here's baby Erich! He's about 10 weeks old in this picture.
  Em went right into big-sister mode with a new baby to take care of! She really liked to bring Erich his toys and bounce them in front of his face. She would also bring him his blanket and liked to rub--gently--his almost-bald head.
  Baby Erich scores some laptime with his Uncle Billy-Colorado!



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