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This is Em dressed up for her Colorado History show with all the kindergartens. The costumes belong to DPS and are loaned out to the various schools as they are needed!

Emily and Bill made her hobby horse out of--what else--an old hockey stick. Emily named her "Lightning Rose" and made a curry comb of her own design out of cardboard to go along with.



Here is Em during her star turn riding the pony while all the other kids sing, "Giddyup Pony." It is an enormous cardboard contraption that hangs from Em's shoulders from a rope harness.

Em trotted in a circle around the stage while the kids sang, then at the end of the song, turned to face the audience and leaned back so the horse would "rear up," then leaned forward and took a bow.

She was great!

Afterwards another mom came up to us and asked if we were the parents of the girl who rode the horse. When I said yes, she gestured to her son next to her and said, "He rode the horse when he was in the kindergarten show. He was feeling a real sense of connection to your daughter!"