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May 6. 2003. evening.

Okay--I've caught up on calendars! March, April, May all up to date. Next I will start poking away at the Galleries...

May 5. 2003. evening.

Yikes! It's been awhile! I have started to get caught up on the girls' March/April/May calendars. Not all done yet, sorry!

March 15. 2003. afternooon.

The photos from the girls' cameras are now up in March Photos. Enjoy!

March 14. 2003. evening.

Okay! A few more things for the girls Feb and Mar galleries!

March 14. 2003. afternoon.

Sarah now has a few things in her February and March galleries! A few more to come, too. Just picked up the photos from the girls' disposable cameras, so I will try to get those up soon!

March 10. 2003. evening.

Sorry--I didn't realize that I'd screwed up the links to the new stuff! Found & corrected some mistakes so all should be working now. Added Em's birthday to the Calendars.

March 8. 2003. evening.

I put up lots of photos tonight: Check out January and February Photos, Sarah's Birthday and Valentine's in Special Events, and the Moving Books display in the Family Room!

Coming soon...actual artwork for Sarah's Gallery!

March 8. 2003. afternoon.

Sorry, I got a little behind because my printer/scanner died! Don't worry, I bought a new one. :)

I added Emily's February Gallery and started Emily's March Gallery...I think there's more to come for February but my office is a little scary!

February calendars are done, March calendars are started.