These are my cool new hearing aids! They are loaners this week so I can see if I like them.
They are very different than my past hearing aids, but full of hip new technologies.

  • They are digital audio and nine different frequencies can be adjusted on the computer to match my hearing loss. The sound is much "softer" than my other hearing aids--things don't sound as harsh or as crisp. Bill says the digital audio geek words are "less brittle."

  • There's no volume control! The computer calculates loud and soft noises and amplifies soft noises more than the loud. I was skeptical about this, but I've worn them for a week and have never felt like I wanted to adjust the volume, so I guess it works!

  • There's no hard plastic mold--what you see is what you get. The hearing aids themselves fit into those little foam socks, and the socks go right in my hear. (They're disposable--I'd use about one sock a week.) This means when I move my jaw to talk or eat, I can't feel or hear the hearing aids moving around in my ear canal--a nice change of pace, I can assure you.

  • When the batteries are about to die, they beep in my ear like a microwave.

  • The noise reduction setting works really hard to mute out background noise when I'm in a loud situation. The setting I had last week worked a little too well--sounds were so compressed around me that I felt I was suddenly walking around in an echoey bubble. I'm trying a lower setting this week to see if I can reduce that feeling without the noise getting out of hand.







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