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We went to Cati Karr's 2nd birthday party tonight! Her favorite movie is Lilo and Stitch, so Cati had a luau birthday. The girls wore their sunglasses and I wore Daddy's Hawaiian shirt. Sarah walked in the door, gave Cati her present, and said, "Open it!" Sarah had a good time playing in the basement playroom and "cooking" in the kitchen with Cati. Cati would say, "Come on, Sarah!" We had dinner and cake and ice cream and got to take a balloon home...but Sarah fell asleep before she could get home to play with it. 3/2

Sarah says, "Bana! Bana!" Mom says, "No, Sarah, no banana right now." Sarah makes a slicing motion with her hand and offers a deal: "Just haff bana?"

Sarah did not want to get dressed this morning! She howls and complains and squirms. After a while, I realize she is calling, "Need Christine! Need Christine!" Sorry, Sarah! You're stuck with Mommy! 3/3

The girls go to the mall with Christine while I have a job interview! 3/6

Sarah gets a cough this weekend and last night was really rough. She coughed all night despite taking medicine and sitting 3 times in a steamy bathroom. The last time I went in to her room to bring her to the bathroom, about four a. m., she protested, and said, "Keep resting! Keep resting!" Meaning, don't get me out of bed again! At the doctor's today Dr. Tucker gives us some albuterol and a nebulizer to give her some steroid treatments at home. Poor Sarah! She is tuckered and out of sorts. 3/10

Last night when we talked about her day, Sarah said, "Sad--Moonbears." I asked, "Are you sad because you miss the Moonbears?" She nodded, then said, "Make me happy--teachers! Love my teachers!" 3/11

Cousin Erich Henry is born!! 3/11

I got the library job! We're in for it now! : ) 3/12

Sarah is feeling much better, though she was whiny this morning. Since we have had no bath this week, her hair is starting to stand straight out from her head in soft fuzzy curls! 3/12

Sarah and I had the following conversation today, 3/13:

M: Sarah, what a great picture! Should we put your name on it?
S: Dess!
M: Okay, what letter does your name start with?
S: S--Sarah!
M: Good! Now what letter comes next?
S: H!
M: No, "A" comes next.
S: A!
M: What letter comes next?
S: H!
M: No, "R."
S: R!
M: What letter comes next?
S: H!
M: No, "A" again.
S: A!
M: What letter comes next?
S: H!
M: Yes! H comes next! Good job!

Sarah wants to sing "Twinkle Twinkle" tonight, and showed me the finger-actions that they do at Moonbears while we sang. There is such real pleasure on her face for her own ability to make the different movements! 3/14

Sarah wants a hug and a squeeze from Christine. Chris says, "I can give you a squeeze. What if I squeezed you real hard? What would come out?" Sarah said, "Diapers!" 3/16

Sarah's school sheet today said her mood was "Great! Very happy and playful! Really enjoyed centers and circletime today!"

We got a BIG SNOW! It snowed all night Tuesday the 17th, all day Wednesday the 18th, and things really didn't get back to normal until the weekend! We had enough time to get to the store Monday, so our only problem was figuring out what to with 2 girls for 3 straight days at home! 3/17-19

Sarah has reconnected with a little doll Grandma Z. sewed for her, to the point where she wants to be put to bed with her, plastic basket "crib" and all, so Sarah can tuck the baby in to bed herself. (I have had to say "Good night Sarah, Good night, Baby, Sweet dreams, Sarah, Sweet dreams, Baby") I have tried to take the basket out once Sarah is asleep, only to have Sarah wake up early in the morning very, very sad that the doll's crib is no longer there in HER crib! Last night around midnight Sarah was whimpering a little, and when she didn't settle down I went in to see what was wrong. After a while I figured out that the doll's hat had come off and Sarah really felt that she couldn't go back to sleep until we found it and tied it on again! 3/21

While I was making dinner, Sarah, fussy, just awake from a late nap, was moaning onthe floor at my feet: "Eat restaurant! Eat restaurant!" 3/21

Miss Kristen, Sarah's master teacher, says Sarah does REALLY well learning songs and fingerplays in circletime and picks them up very quickly! 3/03

Aunt Muffy and Phoebe arrive for the week! 3/23

Sarah shows off the sticker on her tummy at pick-up time & Miss Ginger says, "Sarah has a sticker because she was the ONLY Moonbear who did good listening today!" Kristen added later, "It was time to go out and Sarah was the only one sitting on the floor by the door ready to go! All the other Moonbears were NOT paying attention! They all got time outs! Sarah got a sticker!" Way to go Sarah! Sarah told me later, "Time outs--Moonbears!" 3/03

Sarah's school sheet today said her mood was "happy, playful, curious! Enjoyed talking about her family and looking at pictures in our family books!" 3/26

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