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Emily asks, "Am I really, really five?" 4/1

Mommy starts work on April 1. Emily adapts completely to our new schedule and even makes a little notebook for me to take to my meetings and write things in. She writes on it, with Daddy's help, "Mommy has a good job!" 4/1-8

Daddy takes the girls to see the Piglet movie in the theatres! This is only Emily's second movie. It was a big hit and a special treat. Emily ate tons of popcorn and got a water bottle to drink during the movie...and I guess the show was okay, too! 4/5

Daddy's hockey team is in the final round of the championships (at only 4pm no less), but Mommy has to work! Christine rides to the rescue and goes with Bill and the girls to the rink so she can keep an eye on them while Bill plays. I meet them there after work to catch the end of the game. Every once in a while the girls will yell, "Go, Daddy!" but mostly they like climbing up and down and up and down the risers. Daddy's team wins! Chris and the girls and I go out to dinner, but Daddy stays to have "one beer." :) 4/5

Aunt Amy surprises us with a visit! She drove out with her friend Marsha, who was housesitting in Denver, to keep her company! She rings our doorbell on Monday night after dinner, just in time to read the girls their bedtime stories. Amy came back over Tuesday evening and had dinner with Bill and the girls while I went to work--then in the morning, they all came by to see me at my new library before driving Amy to the airport. What a special treat! 4/7-9

The girls go to Nigel's house while Mommy does taxes! They get to play outside in Nigel's back yard. Emily especially likes the monkey bars, and Susan helps boost her up. Susan can't believe that Emily doesn't weigh any more than Nigel does!! 4/10

Emily's school sheet says, "Emily is very happy that Lucie has joined our class. They are having a great time together!" 4/10

Emily finally gets to go to Chuck E. Cheese's for her birthday. This year she again chose taking one friend to Chuck E. Cheese's over having a party at home for several friends. When we asked who she'd like to invite, she decided on Hanna--a girl from last year's Purple Coyote class that Emily hadn't seen in 7 or 8 months! I asked her if she'd have more fun choosing someone who she plays with all the time, and she said, "No, that's why I want to choose Hanna, because I haven'tseen her in so long!" Confronted with this impeccable logic, I get in touch with Hanna's mom and tell her what is up! She asks Hanna about it, and Hanna becomes excited, too! Our schedules at last coordinated and Hanna, Emily, Sarah and I go to the arcade for lunch and the games. Emily and Hanna have a truly good time getting reacquainted and choosing arcade games and rides. They spend a LONG time in the big fun toy and we head home after running out of tokens! Trust Emily to know exactly what she wants! 4/12

Emily gets to wave palms with all the other kids during the introit today at church. The kids march around and sing with the congregation and they look so great I wished I had my camera. 4/13

Today the Purple Coyotes got construction paper fish scales as part of their "Rainbow Fish" unit--a story about sharing and being friends. The kids were told that they could give their paper scales to their friends. Kelly told me when I came to pick up Emily had so many because EVERY SINGLE student gave one of theirs to Emily--then came back to Kelly to get more so they could KEEP giving them to Emily. Kelly said, "This is totally Emily's karma--every single little thing Emily has ever done to help other kids is all coming back to her!!" 4/15

The most complicated day of our new schedule is Tuesday, where Mom is at home with the girls in the morning, takes Emily to school in the afternoon while Daddy teaches, then gets ready for work and takes Sarah to pick up Em from school at 4.30. We walk over to meet Daddy at his office a block and a half away from Fisher, where he finishes up class at ten to five. Mom then scoots to work by 5.30 while the girls go home with Daddy to have dinner and bedtime with him! This has of course become the girls' favorite part of the week. They love going to Daddy's office and waiting for him to show up at the other end of the hallway! Then they get to go back to the computer lab with him to make sure everything is okay before they go home. Mom comes home at 9.30pm, and everyone is pooped and in bed! 4/15

We colored Easter eggs today! Emily decided all on her own that hers were going to be "striped." She carefully held her eggs halfway in one color, then took them out and dunked the other side in a different color. She did great! 4/18

Emily knew exactly what she wanted to get Bill for his birthday. When I asked her, she thought for a minute, then said, "There's a hockey guy at the smoothie mall." Well, today after we dropped Sarah off at school, she and I drove to Southglen Mall (where, yes, we usually get smoothies and pretzels) It turns out Bill had done the same thing--taken Em to the mall after dropping Sarah off on Wednesday, while I was working. We walked the length of the mall waiting for Emily to recognize the store she wanted to go in. I kept asking her if she meant the toy store, but she didn't even want to go in to check. We looked in a couple sports Tshirt places, but finally got to the other end of the mall where the electronic game store was. Em said, "This is the one," and led me without pausing to a display in the middle of the store, where, sure enough, there were a few collectible hockey figures. Unfortunately, there were no Avalache players! We looked at the rest and decided to go with a Flyers figure since, as I reminded Em, "That's Aunt Sue and Uncle Bob's hockey team." She had seen them while there with Bill and knew he liked hockey! 4/18

We went to church for the Easter Cantata this evening, and Emily sang a song with the children's choir. She is so familiar with the congregation and the church that she doesn't have any stage fright! 4/18

The church Easter Egg Hunt was this morning, and as I had to work all day, Monica volunteered to take the girls for us! Monica is one of Emily's assistant teachers and has been working at our church as the nursery attendant since the fall. She was going to be at the church to help watch the kids during the setup, but then would be free to go around with the girls during the hunt! The girls were so excited to go with her! They found LOTS of eggs and got to listen to a story told by Pastor Loye and then did some crafts in the Fellowship Hall. 4/19

We had told Em we could choose a two-wheeler for her birthday and finally went out this evening to look for one. We found a blue Schwinn at Toys R Us with purple flowers and training wheels. Wow! 4/19

Emily found her Easter basket in the upstairs linen closet this year! The Easter Bunny brought a Pez dispenser, some Easter books, a big chocolate bunny, and a wind-up chicken that lays jellybean eggs! 4/20

Bill ran into Miss Linda, one of Emily's assistant teachers, while he was dropping off Sarah this morning. Linda told him how great Emily is and how much she enjoyed being with her, and if we ever need a babysitter to make sure to call her! 4/21

Mom and Emily do play-doh together after Sarah goes to school. We make up a game to play! Just for fun, I made a pair of dice out of the play doh, and when Emily saw them, she rolled another piece of playdoh flat for a gameboard. She marked it with "checkers" and we made our playing pieces out of more playdoh. One person rolled the dice, then moved our piece the right number of squares in any pattern we wanted...trying to jump over the other person AND trying NOT to land NEXT to the other person at the end of our turn! We played for a long time! 4/03

Daddy successfully defends his thesis project this morning, his birthday, and when faced with the decision about what to have for dinner with the girls while Mom is at work, he chooses going out to dinner at the Black Eyed Pea so he can have pork chops as a reward! Daddy says they girls behaved great and they all sat squeezed together on one side of a booth! 4/22

Emily has made friends with a new Purple Coyote girl, Lucie. Lucie is just 6 months younger than Em and JUST the same size. Lucie comes 5 days a week, too, and they play together almost every day. I asked Emily tonight what made Lucie such a good friend, and Em said, "She has long straight hair, like me." 4/24

Today the "other Emily Anne" came over for a playdate! Emily Anne is Em's master teacher, Miss Mary's, daughter and they are just 6 months apart. They met this winter on the one or two days Emily came to school with her Mom. They play together so nicely, without any arguments or hurt feelings. 4/26

We go to Daddy's Hockey Championship Party!! The girls play in a sandbox a little, but Emily mostly likes hanging out with Daddy while he plays bocce with the other guys. Later on we find her in the family room, watching some of the boys play PlayStation and swilling Pepsi out of a can! We don't get home and in bed until 10.30pm--both girls fell asleep in the car, Emily despite drinking more caffeine than she's had in her entire life! 4/26

After Daddy and Em dropped off Sarah today, Emily helped Daddy assemble her new bicycle! She organized the wrenches and found the instructions (not that Daddy used them!). 4/23

Christine's folks, Bill and Alice, are in town for the weekend, and we are invited over to Chris' apartment to have pizza. When we come into the lobby, we find a note on the elevator buttons addressed to Sarah and Em! It is from Christine, warning them that the lights are out in the elevator and to hold on tight to Mommy and Daddy's hands! Emily says, "It is for us???" We have a nice visit with the Andresens and we were very proud of the girls, who were on their best behavior. They talked and visited with the grownups for awhile and we ate pizza together, but then Em and Sarah were happy to take a pile of plastic plates into the "other room" of Chris' loft and play loud stomping games while we visited some more! 4/27

We go down to Castle Rock because Sarah needs new shoes. Emily says her feet have grown too--and we discover that they really have. However, there are NO white Keds in the whole Stride Rite store that fit Emily. Emily really, really wants "slipons" after having had to deal with lace-ups for so long. The only slipons in Em's size have...blinking lights! Mom has held out for five years but--she caves in! Emily is now wearing shoes that light up every time she takes a step! What have I done???? :) 4/29

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