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We had lunch at McDonald's on the way to school while the floor guys put in our new kitchen vinyl. It's not our usual McDonald's, but Emily says she remembers it from going with Alex, and asks if I remember it now. I say, "Em, I've been in so many McDonald's that it's hard to keep them all separate." Emily says, "I have a little line between them [in my head] and that's how I keep them separate." 3/3

The girls go to the mall with Christine while I have a job interview! 3/6

Emily's school report sheet today said, "She has a great deal of concentration and talent when it comes to writing and drawing." 3/6

We hit the mall for a smoothie but I forgot my wallet! I ask Emily why I keep leaving it at home (this is the second time this week). Emily says, "Maybe it's because you have too many things to organize!" 3/8

Christine and Liz come over to have dinner with us and celebrate Emily's birthday! Emily at first chose sticky rice, carrots, and baked beans as her birthday dinner, but when Mom said, "That's almost as crazy as hot dogs and waffles!" (an infamous choice from my own childhood) Emily decided that's what she wanted, too. So the grownups had red beans and rice with sausage, and Emily and Sarah had hot dogs and waffles! Emily received a finger paint set from Liz and the game Twister from Christine--in addition to many wonderful things from her families. Emily liked the M&M "2" on Sarah's cake so much she wanted an M&M "5" on her own chocolate cake--and instead of ice cream, she ordered root beer float ice cream bars instead! While driving to the grocery store this afternoon, Emily said, "I don't feel five yet," but she sure looks it...what a big kid! 3/9

Emily has her five year check up with Dr. Tucker. He says, "She's huge!" then laughs and says, "Well, okay, at least she's still on her [own growth] curve!" (Em is still 10th perc. in weight, 33 lbs, and 5th perc. in height, 39") He asks her to spell her name, give her phone number, say who to call for an emergency (Em said, "6-1-1") and then said, "Well, I know I don't need to ask about colors, shapes, and opposites!" He writes that she is a "terrific girl--very bright," and says that she's all set for kindergarten. Em had a tough time getting 3 shots and a finger prick for blood, but bounced back quickly and was fine by the time we got to school. 3/10

Seeing Em today with her growing-out bangs pushed off her face and her new watch strapped to her wrist, I was just astounded at how grown-up she is looking. 3/10

Cousin Erich Henry is born! 3/11

We were playing "Wiggle and Giggle" today--a use-your-body game where you spin a spinner to see where you tuck a soft ball (behind your knee, between your shoulder and your ear, between your wrists) and then spin again to see what you have to do next (jump three times, crawl on your knees, spin around). I love watching Emily do this stuff--she is game to try anything and isn't afraid of not being able to do it "right." 3/12

I got the library job! We're in for it now! : ) 3/12

We got a BIG SNOW! It snowed all night Tuesday the 17th, all day Wednesday the 18th, and things really didn't get back to normal until the weekend! We had enough time to get to the store Monday, so our only problem was figuring out what to with 2 girls for 3 straight days at home! Emily and I went out in the deep deep snow while Sarah was asleep for a nap. Em wanted me to pick her up, then she'd straighten her legs and want me to toss her back a foot or so into unbroken snow--she would fall like a railroad spike in up to her armpits! (Then I'd have to haul her out and do it again!) 3/17-19

Emily talks in the car about Alex, who needs glasses but doesn't have them in her town. I say, "That's too bad, because I know how nice it is to be able to see with my contacts--I wear them pretty much all the time, except when I'm sleeping." Emily says, "Yeah, that's 'cause your brain sees things for you [when you're dreaming]." 3/19

Aunt Muffy and Phoebe arrive for their visit! We have a pretty busy week! On Wednesday, we went with the Purple Coyotes to the zoo. Emily had visited Phoebe's school once when we visited Illinois, so it was nice to be able to have Phoebe meet Emily's school friends, too. They slept together in Emily's room, with Phoebe on the Aerobed and lots of talking after "lights out." They loved playing Easter Bunny and hiding Emily's brick blocks all around the house and then looking for them! Phoebe wanted to play bride and groom, but Emily wasn't interested! 3/23-28

Miss Kelly tells me about what a good friend Emily was to Hunter today at school--Emily wanted to be Miss Kelly's partner to walk down to the Motor Room, but Hunter got upset because HE wanted to walk with Miss Kelly--who is his Mom! Without even being asked, Emily let go of Miss Kelly's hand and went back to hold hands with Hunter's partner so Hunter could be with his Mom. This is a really nice story all by itself, but it is SUPER special when you remember that Emily had just spent the entire week doing a LOT of sharing and compromising in her role as hostess to Phoebe...and she still had some sharing left to give to Hunter! 3/28

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