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Daddy's good friend Boyd is in town for a conference this weekend, and we got to spend tonight with him. We went to the Fresh Fish Co. for dinner with Christine and Todd. Sarah ate an entire plate of mac and cheese, and got to go for a walk with Uncle Todd to look at all the fish. When we get home, the girls have Halloween candy for dessert, and Sarah chooses a lollipop that Boyd says is as big as she is! 11/1

Emily and Sarah come with me while I vote. Sarah is content to sit at my feet once I give her my keys, which she uses to try to disassemble the booth screw by screw. Fortunately, I am done before she figures it out, and she gets an "I Voted" sticker for her tummy. 11/5

Sarah has a little fever today, and gets some extra snuggle time with Daddy while I drive Emily to school. 11/6

Today after dinner Sarah calls out, "Wake up, Daddy!" --she wants to play their game where Daddy pretends to be asleep and the girls wake him up. 11/7

When I come in to get her out of her crib this morning, I find that Sarah has lined all her stuffed animals up in a row facing her!

Sarah attends Trent's birthday party with Emily and me, which is at Chuck E. Cheese's. Sarah has a great time riding on the cars and playing a few of the games. She eats lots of pizza and when the Chuck E. Cheese animatronic comes on stage, she laughs and calls out, "Mallory! Mallory!" remembering the mouse from Vacation Bible School! 11/9

We go over to cousin Liz' condo for dinner with cousin Carolyn! Carolyn is amazed at how big Sarah is. When we come home, Amy and John have arrived for their visit! 11/10

Sarah is delighted every time Aunt Amy crawls into the (small) space between the car seats to ride in the car. 11/12

Sarah worked on chin-ups today at gymnastics, and really did pull herself part of the way up! 11/15

Mom makes blueberry pancakes for breakfast. Emily eats 2, Mommy eats 3, and Sarah eats 4!! 11/18

Emily was making Sarah crack up in the car on the way home from school. I asked what was going on back there, and Sarah caught her breath, and reported, "Naff--Emmy" (laughing at Emmy). 11/19

Daddy tickles Sarah after dinner. When she stops laughing, I say, "What's going on, Sarah?" She lifts up her head from the couch cushions and says, "TICKLE!" 11/20

Grammy and Grandpa arrive for their Thanksgiving visit! 11/25

Sarah calls BOTH Grammy and Grandpa "Grammy." 11/26

Sarah spends the day hanging out with Daddy, Emmy, and Grandpa while Mommy and Grammy shop! 11/27

Sarah starts saying, "Emma-LEE!" instead of "Emmy!" 11/27

We have a good Thanksgiving day. Sarah watches the Macy's parade and is astonished to recognize some of the balloons! (Clifford & Blue Clues, especially.) Sarah sits at the table with everyone else for dinner and even has some bread and peas! 11/28

We drive to the Hammond Candy Factory to take a tour. Everyone has to wear little hairnets, even Sarah! Sarah loves all the lollipops in the shop and wants to touch every single one. 11/29


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