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We happily welcome Daddy back home after our Wichita adventure, and open the rest of our Christmas presents after dinner. 1/1

Sarah welcomes Emily to the big bed this morning by saying, "Emmy--sister--need you--hug!" Em gives her a big hug and they are both happy! 1/5

Sarah tries to sing, "Twinkle Twinkle" and sings, "Twinkle Twinkle little star--like a diamond in sky." 1/7

Sarah starts to refer to Martina as Tina.

When Sarah saw a teddy bear propped up in the corner of Em's room, she said, "Time out!"

Sarah sees a picture of birds flying outside a window and says, "Gampa Bolly!" She remembered Grandpa's birdfeeder in Arkansas!

Dr. John the Dentist looks at Sarah's teeth after Emily's check up and says, "No cavities, her teeth look great!" 1/14

Sarah says, "D C D C!" when she sees lots of letters together and can sing parts of the ABC song, including the last two lines: "Now I know D C D Cs next time you sing me." 1/15

We switch on the TV to check on the Bruins, and Sarah looks up, sees the black and gold jerseys, and says, "Daddy's team!" Holy cow! 1/15

Sarah is getting excited about her "Happy Birthday" and likes to talk about the people who will come to her party: Cati from church, Nigel, "Kissteen," Uncle Todd, and so on. She likes to have us sing "Happy Birthday" to her and then blows out her candles.

Daddy and Emily go get us doughnuts for breakfast. Sarah, most of the way through her first choice, tells Mommy, "Sprinkles--Sarah--Happy, happy, happy, happy, HAPPY!" 1/18

Mommy and Daddy hear Sarah count to six by herself! (Most of the time she says, "One, two, three, bive!") 1/19

Sarah is noticably more cranky lately and we are hoping it is just her eyeteeth coming in and not the Terrible Twos coming on!

We go to the zoo for the first time in a long time today for an exceptionally mild Martin Luther King holiday. Sarah likes naming the animals (she sees lots of "lions" all over the place) and rides on the carousel by herself for the first time (with a little help from Christine!). She chooses a leopard to ride on, holds on very firmly to the pole with both hands, and when the carousel starts to move, she announces, "Round and round!" 1/20

Sarah refers to herself as "Sarah-roo." 1/20

Sarah is very sad that she doesn't have a potty--I've been telling her we'll get one out for her after she has her birthday--so I get it out for her anyway. She is thrilled and sits and sits though nothing happens. I say, "Time to put on your diaper now, Sarah!" and she just runs back to the potty, "Pee coming! Pee comimg!"

As I help Sarah on with a sweater today, she says, "Grandma gave me this sweater." (Grandma didn't, but it was an impressive sentence nonetheless!) 1/29

We find out there's a spot for Sarah at Fisher next month! Sarah will be in the Moonbear classroom for 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 year olds on M/W/F. We tell her she can start going to school after her birthday and she is very happy. One evening a day or two after we have starting talking about it, we are sitting in the rocker before bedtime and when I ask her what happened that day, she says, "My school--pretty soon!" 1/30

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