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Daddy's good friend Boyd is in town for a conference this weekend, and we got to spend tonight with him. We went to the Fresh Fish Co. for dinner with Christine and Todd. Emily ordered shrimp, but likes grazing off of everybody else's plates better! 11/1

Emily and Sarah come with me while I vote. No sooner than I got both girls into the booth and sitting on the floor at my feet than Em says, "Mom, I'm a little bored!" Luckily, Mommy had some stickers in her purse! After a few minutes, it's over, and Em gets an "I Voted!" sticker for her trouble. 11/5

One of the books we got at the library is from a favorite new series, "Get Set for Kindergarten," based on Rosemary Wells' picture book characters. This one is about numbers, and one page asks if you know your address--your house's number. Em thinks for a minute, then recites, "3-0-3-7-5-8-6-5-6-1." I am startled and say, "Emily!! That's your phone number! Did Daddy help you learn that?" No! Emily explains that she knows this from the paper Grandpa Depper wrote out for her and hung by her bed back in August (and I never took down). It has her phone number, and lists the months of the year! Wow! Thank you Grandpa Depper! 11/5

"I like these PJ, Mom. They keep me warm as a bug in 13 rugs!" 11/8

We attend Trent Christensen's 5th birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese's. Most of the kids are new to Emily, since they are from Trent's preschool, but she has a great time anyway because she loves Chuck E. Cheese's so much. She and Trent play a couple of rounds of air hockey together, then Em whips through her tokens and climbs all over the "big fun toy." We like our DynaMagz magnets so much, we gave them to Trent, too! 11/9

We go over to cousin Liz' condo for dinner with cousin Carolyn! Carolyn likes seeing how grown up Emily is. When we come home,
Amy and John have arrived for their visit! 11/10

Em gets a letter from her friend Sage! 11/12

Last night at bedtime, Em says, "I wish I could read." I say, "But, Em, you can, you can read a few words already--the rest just takes more practice." Em says, "But I wish I could read everything!" 11/14

"I watched the whole thing, and my eyes didn't hurt at all!" Emily, telling Daddy that watching lots of TV is okay, after watching Singing in the Rain all the way through with Aunt Amy. (We tell her too much screen time with make her eyes hurt.) 11/15

John shows Emily the basics of multiplication and she follows along for 2x3 and 3x2!

Uh-oh! Emily says, "Sarah, don't copy me!" 11/17

Em makes a rhyme: "Peas, peas, would you like some peas, please?" 11/19

Emily sees a picture of herself walking along a balance beam with her arms flat down by her sides. I say, "You were balancingwith your arms down, Em!" She said, "I was being a boy!" "Why is that like being a boy?" "I was straight like the bathroom signs!" (Em is thinking of the icons on restrooms where the men are straight rectangles with heads on top, and the women are triangle shapes with heads on top!) 11/21

Emily's school report says, "Emily spends a lot of time in the literacy center. She is very focused on writing." 11/22

When Grammy comes in the door in the morning, Emily asks, "Do you have something for me today?" 11/27

We are lucky to have our Thanksgiving dinner with Grammy, Grandpa, Todd, and Liz. 11/28

We drive to the Hammond Candy Factory to take a tour. Everyone has to wear little hairnets! Grammy says she'll treat us to one thing from the candy store and Emily has a tough time choosing! 11/29

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