I woke up this morning. I said, "Brrrrrrrrr."


(Note Em's drawers under her bed. She is wearing her new green Christmas Eve nightie!)

"What happened?" I told my mom and dad.


(The blue side of the room is Mom's, the green is Dad's. We each have our brown chests of drawers.)

My mom and dad's bed was made of icicles.


(Tilt your head to the left for this picture...the top of the illustration is the left side. You can see the pointy icicles hanging down from the mattress.)

I saw two ice cubes that looked like my mom and dad.

I climbed onto my mom and dad's bed.


(I love her leg lifting up to the mattress in this picture!)

It broke. I fell. The ice broke and there was my mom and dad.

My mom said, "What happened?" I said, "I don't know! But the sun is out."


(Emmy is on the left. I'm on the right with my hair up in a pony tail!)

The ice castle is melting into a puddle.
The ice castle is turning into our house! The End.

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