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  Winter 2005

This is Em's latest book from school. The kids write in their journals during writing time, then when they have a whole story finished, a parent volunteer types it into the computer for them, prints out the pages, and binds them together. Then the kids illustrate them!

Emily was chosen to go on an "Author Tour" with this book--which means she got to go to the other two 1st grade classes and read it to them!

Click on the front page to go to the rest of the book.



Here is a page of Em's writing homework. She chose to write out a pie recipe. (Click on the picture for a larger image.)

We worked on this together. I had her think of ingredients that we used for baking and this was her list. She would ask me how much, and I would say a little, or a lot, and she decided how much to write down. (She knew "a little" would be "a teaspoon" and "a lot" would be "a cup!")

Then I prompted her through the instructions: "Well what do you need to do before you put the cherries in?" etc. and she thought up the steps and wrote them down! 1/05