Todd and Michelle's Wedding, March 12-13, 2004
More Wedding Photos

Todd and Michelle, at the rehearsal dinner Friday night.

Michelle's parents endeared themselves to me forever (and proved they were goofy enough to be related to Todd) by bring a slide projector to the restaurant and showing us all slides of Michelle "BT"--before Todd!

  This is the rehearsal...it was not one of my better weekends for photos! They are wearing hockey jerseys to practice in!

Em did ANOTHER great job as a flower girl. She was co-flower girl with Ashlea, Michelle's 8-year-old niece. Ashlea was very impressed that Emily had been a flower girl on a BOAT, and Emily was very impressed that Ashlea's middle name was ROSE, just like their flower petals! They got on very well, and did a good job walking shoulder to shoulder down the aisle!

Here Em is holding one of the bridesmaid's bouquets while the photographer was arranging all the ladies for photos.

  Since both Emily and Bill were in the wedding, we were at the church very early in the afternoon. Miss Ruth (aka "Uncle Todd's Mommy") had come to the rescue by providing the girls with a grab bag of little gifts Friday night at the rehearsal.

Here they are waiting in the narthex and coloring in two of Miss Ruth's coloring books.
  The wedding party! Bill is second from the right, in case you can't tell in this tiny picture.
  Another photo I missed! Todd and Michelle tried to get a picture of them kissing each other with some Groucho Marx glasses on...I don't think it worked very well!



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