Special Events

Emily's First Soccer Game!
Saturday, April 17, 2004
  Em is having a great time with her soccer team. They had a super day for their first game even though they got creamed! Em is in the pink skirt with her teammate Remmy right behind her.

This is the first time on a real team for most of the girls and they are learning together how to play and how to lose their hesitation when the other team has the ball. The moms and dads who were watching together were laughing because we said we have taught them all too well to take turns and share! Now we need to teach them to steal the ball away and not wait for it to come to them!
  Em did SO well during her first game! She played hard, had quite a few breakaways, and it seemed like she was really trying to control the ball and not just kick it blindly (though they all did a lot of that, too!). Here she's trying to stop the ball before she kicks it.

The woman in the white sleeveless Tshirt is our coach--her daughter Mia is on the team. Deanne played in high school but has never coached before. Like I said, we are all learning together! We are very lucky and have a great assistant coach in Nick, who is another girls' father, and has a real gift for leading the girls.

Even though we lost (although there's no scoreboard and the girls--at least on our team--never knew the exact score) Emily was VERY satisfied with the day. She put in the first goal of the game!

Em is playing with three girls from kindergarten, Claire, Amanda, and Hi'ilei. There are four other girls on the team, Mia, Remmy, Jessie, and Maddie. They play four girls on a side, with no goalie. Only 6 of our team were here today, and the girls were real troupers about taking such short breaks.

  Here she is beaming after her goal. Mommy almost missed this shot because she was jumping up and down and yelling!
  Sarah had a good time, too! She played with her own soccer ball, hunted for pinecones under the trees, and hung out with Erin in our blue camp chair. Erin is Amanda's little sister and just two months younger than Sarah. Em and Amanda are good friends and it is fun to see Erin and Sarah strike up their own relationship.