Sarah's Third Birthday, February 2004
  Sarah is decorating her cake! She was very insistent that her cake have fresh blueberries in the frosting, and carefully poked them in all around the sides of the cake. Now she's deciding where her candles should go.
  Emily is giving her present to Sarah, and reading what it says to her: "To Sarah From Emily. I love my sister. Happy Birthday Sarah."
  Sarah playing with her fantastic new Cinderella castle from Grammy and Grandpa!
  Many, many days after Sarah's actual birthday, we finally got her friends together to have her party. (The original schedule had to be abandoned due to Sarah's hospital stay!)

Sarah invited Nigel, Cati from church, and Ryan from her Abiyoyo classroom to celebrate. They played together, then we decorated paper party hats and had cupcakes and presents!

They are decorating their hats here...from left around the table, Emily, Chrisann & Cati, Susan & Nigel, Ryan, and Sarah.




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