Special Events

1st Grade Play, "How the Elephant Sees It"
May 2005
  The entire 1st grade came together to present "How the Elephant Sees It," a play about the web of life and the importance of all creatures. There were lots of groups of different kinds of animals--monkeys, spiders, snakes, etc. Emily is here with her "mouse" group.

Each group came up to the mike and took turns reciting their lines: the elephants told each group of animals how depressed they were that no one [eg, humans] understood them, and then, say, the spiders would tell the elephants to cheer up, since humans thought spiders were disgusting, too, but actually spiders had a very important job to do.

  The photos are crummy because I was so far away and had no light, but you can see in this photo that Em was very comfortable on stage! She had no trouble remembering her lines and even managed not to recite them in a hurried monotone.

Em also had the last line of the play! At the end, the mice reminded the audience that every animal was important, and then Em came forward and said, "Even cockroaches!" She was very pleased when the audience laughed.
  Here she is after, exuberant with a job well done, and a big celebratory cup of Kool-aid in her hand (and on her lips!)




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