Special Events

Depper Family Vacation, New Hampshire
July 2005

Here's all the cousins! Kurt is 6 and Erich is 2.

Sarah, Emily, Kurt, and Erich in Susan's lap.

We last saw them on the Cape in 2003, so we were really, really happy to be able to get together again with Grammy and Grandpa in New Hampshire this summer.

My photos leave a lot to be desired, plus I have a feeling I've misplaced a whole roll (not surprising given the state of my office right now!) but below are some close-ups of the boys so you can see how handsome they are. The slightly concerned look on Erich's face is a real shame, since just about 98% of the time he is having a total blast and is determined that you will, too.

  One of my favorite things that we did was visit Diana's Baths, a state park waterfall! We walked about half a mile through a very green, very tall forest and came to this river, which flows over a massive set of rocks down several stages. Everybody wears their bathing suits and wades right in, hopping from rock to rock, finding little waterfalls, sitting in the pools, and looking back up the river and looking literally down the river below. Very fun, but very cold!
  Grandpa helps shuck the corn for our lobster dinner!
  I have no idea what joke Grammy and Emmy were sharing, but I love the photo!
  One day we went to Storyland, an amusement park with a fairy-tale theme. We did rides (including two raft rides) and shows and ice cream! Here's the girls being good "big cousins" and each holding one of Erich's hands.




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