Fourth of July
  Em and Aves waiting for the parade to start on July 4 in Crested Butte. The parade was too long this year to go backwards, so instead it "went around the block" and went by twice forwards!

The best part, as usual, was darting out into the street to grab the candy thrown from the floats. I kept my left pocket for Avery and my right pocket for Em!
  Sarah didn't do as much running after candy, though from time to time the people we stood next to would point out a piece lying especially close by for her to take!

It was hot, and loud, and Sarah was content to hang out on Dad's shoulders or up in Mom's arms.
  Eric always has to head into town extremely early to help out with the Firemen's Pancake Breakfast. This means he can usually find a parking space less than a block away from the parade route! After the parade we open up the car and do a little tailgating and visiting with everyone who walks by.

Later on, we go back to Kathy and Johnny's house (Shelley's aunt and uncle) and hang out over there!
  On Saturday, Shelley and Avery took the girls and I to a river where we could wade and play. Emily is borrowing Avery's purple bikini! Shelley would walk the older girls out into the current and hang on to them as they floated and splashed. When they got cold, they would hurry back to this shallow pool nearby to lie down in the (relatively) warm water.

Sarah stood on the bank and threw rock after rock ("It tinking!") and twig after twig ("It foating!").
  Saturday night we drove up a mountain for a little sunset watching and joke telling. (Eric's joke: "A skeleton walks into a bar and says, "Gimme a beer and a mop.")

What great company!
  Shelley wanted to take a picture of all of us so we would have another group shot for our New Year's cards. She took the one I used last year, too!