Special Events

Visit to Judy Jensen's House, Bailey, CO
August 2005

We went up to Bailey to visit our family friend Judy Jensen and her houseguests, Donna and John Read. Since Michael & Silvia couldn't make it to our backyard party, Michael decided to bring Lukas and Sabina up, too!

We had a great time sitting on the deck and watching the squirrels and birds before lunch. Luka was very generous in sharing his grandma with the girls. Luka is 4, just a couple months younger than Sarah.

  Here Michael is listening to a very long story that Sabina was telling him. He is a fantastic daddy and it is so much fun to see him in action!

Sabina is 18 months old and in charge of just about everything.
  After lunch we walked down the road to the playground and spent a long time trying to figure out which combination of kids could balance Michael on the other side. (Here's a hint: there weren't enough kids to even get close!)
  Beanie tries out the see-saw too and was entranced to find herself up in the air!
  After the park, we came back to the house for more snacks and a little quiet time with Judy and Dr. Seuss.

I got to hear the details of my 20th high school reunion from Donna and John, who had it from their daughter Amy, who attended and had such a good time I was sorry I hadn't been able to make it!

At five-thirty I pried the girls off the deck with the promise that we would come back in October and check out the yellow aspen leaves!




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