Okay, so they're really, really cute! Bill told Emily about the grape bunch idea and she loved it. She was the belle of the ball trick-or-treating Friday night! Even the teenagers we saw while we were out came up to her and told her what a great costume it was, and could they take a bite! We used purple craft foam to make a sandwich board with pipe cleaner shoulder straps. Emily's school version was purple construction paper circles glued to the foam instead of balloons, and it still looked great. Bill blew up almost all of the balloons, and had me stick the biggest ones on top and the smallest ones on the bottom!
  Sarah thought briefly of being a ghost, but soon came firmly and unswervingly to the idea of being a train. I asked her what a train had, so I would know what she wanted to be included in her costume. She said, "Chooo! Choooo!" So I told her she would be in charge of the sounds, and I would be in charge of what it looked like! We used stiff craft felt for the sides, held together with an idea I stole from Em--she had made these books made out of paper with pipe cleaners threaded through holes for the binding, and that's how I attached the sides to each other. The added bonus of this method was the train folded flat! The had is on loan from Susan Duff, who wore it when she was a little girl!
  We went to choose pumpkins on Sunday, then Todd came over on Thursday with 3 additional pumpkins for us to carve!

Chris came trick-or-treating with us again this year. Here she is relaxing with the girls while they have some candy from their buckets afterwards. Both girls did great in the cold, wet drizzle--Sarah walked the two entire blocks all by herself, occasionally saying, "Choo! Choo!" to herself as we walked along. When people opened their doors and saw Em, they said, "You look like a bunch of grapes!" to which she replied, "I AM a bunch of grapes!"

Happy Halloween!


More photos from school parties and the library storytime as soon as I get them developed!





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