Emily's Sixth Birthday, March 2004
  Em turns 6! She requested cherry pie for her "birthday cake," but I was afraid one pie wouldn't feed all of the folks who came over Tuesday night to celebrate! So we talked about it and decided on an apple pie, too.

The hat she is wearing is from Miss Cameron. It has six "candles" on it!
  Liz, Christine, Susan, Tim, and Nigel all came over to have dinner with us. Emily asked for peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and Krispy Kreme doughnuts for her birthday dinner! Here she is a little sticky from it all!
  I brought popsicles for a birthday treat to share with her friends at school. She is standing with Claire, Sam, and Ayden, waiting for their turns on the ringers.
  After recess, the kids walked over to the grass where they sat in a circle and sang Happy Birthday to Emily. They sang it six times, each time in a different silly voice--whatever Em requested!

Em is walking over with Claire and Amanda, two of her best friends at school.

Claire, Emily, Amanda.
  Emily and Mrs. Cameron are having a good time trying to decide which silly voice to sing the Happy Birthday song in.

Mrs. Cameron is a great teacher and is taking such good care of Emily this year.




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