Special Events

Emily's 6th Birthday Party!
April 18, 2004

Here's all the girls! From the left:

Kaeli (from Purple Coyotes),
Emily S., (with the dark hair)
Maya (with the purple flower on her shirt),
K'Lei (behind her sister Maya--our friends from church)
then from kindergarten:
Claire (with her chin in her hand),
Angelica (behind Claire),
Hi'ilei (next to Claire),
and Amanda in the blue shirt (behind Hi'ilei).

Whew! We planned this in just about 10 days and EVERYONE could make it!

  First we made big tissue-paper flowers. We got the instructions from FamilyFun magazine. They were about a foot across and the girls chose their own colors. Then we taped them to bamboo garden stakes for them to carry home! They turned out so well! All the moms were impressed with me. I had to remind them that I do crafts with kids every week for work!

Then we played pin-the-bee-on-the-flower. Do you detect a theme? As we were putting up the flower, Bill asked Emily if it was the right height. She had to reach up just a little for the center and said, "That's good--'cause I'm the shortest one!"

Emily is wearing her new dress from Grammy and Grandpa. She was so excited when it arrived because it had flowers on it and she wanted to wear it at her flower party!

  Sarah played, too! She is wearing HER new dress from Grammy and Grandpa. It came with a headband and she looks VERY grownup with it in her hair.
  So did Daddy! We spun the girls around one spin for each year of their age. When Bill asked if he could have a turn, they all shouted "Yeah!" I said, "Girls, do you know how OLD he is?" Maya guessed, "99!" Bill said, "Not yet!" But I did have a lot of helpers to spin him around and around while we counted together to 39. Then I pointed him to the wrong wall! I held my finger to my lips to tell the girls not to give it away, but they giggled and giggled so much Bill knew something was up! When he reached the wall he lifted his hand way up high so that his bee was almost to the ceiling. Everyone SQUEALED when he took off the blindfold and he saw how far off he was! What a great guy!

After the game, we decorated cupcakes and Em blew out her candle. Em opened her presents & then we let all the girls loose in the backyard with soccer balls and soap bubbles!

Everyone had a great time (Bill and me included!). All Em's friends are good kids and it was a such a pleasure to have them all together for her first real "friend party."