Mel's Chicago Trip, March 4-7, 2004
More Chicago Trip Photos

Here are my lovely hosts for the weekend! Amy and John were very gracious about picking me up from places and delivering me to other places, and letting me work my visiting with them around my time with Mary and Sherry.

The first thing I did when I got there on Thursday was go baby supply shopping with Amy-o! We didn't actually buy anything, but we did start looking at what equipment might be best for Amy and John's townhouse.

On Sunday before my flight, they treated me to brunch at the Prairie, which is where I took this photo.


On Friday, Amy and I slept in and then went out to lunch for real Chicago pizza. Then later in the afternoon, Amy drove me out to Plainfield, where we met Will and Simon, Mary and Kevin's new twin baby boys!

They were born February 12, Will first, then Simon. That's Will on the left in the blue, and Simon on the right.

  Here they are again...Will on the left and Simon on the right. Will is the smaller by 2 pounds, but both boys are nursing nicely and putting on the ounces!
  Amy stayed for dinner with the Snydersmiths and with Joyce, Kevin's mom, who was there helping out. Amy got a little practice holding a baby boy! Here she is with Simon.
  Here Kevin is with Will...very tiny!
  And here Mary is with Will. Everyone is tired, but healthy. They are all hoping to come out to Denver this summer for a Snyder family reunion in Fort Collins, so we are looking forward to seeing everyone when they are a little more awake!



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