Special Events

Fourth of July, Crested Butte
June-July 2005

We spent another great weekend with Shelley, Erik, Avery and Owen in Crested Butte.

Here are the girls being patriotic to two countries! The girls show off their red, white and blue outfits made possible by their "Made in America With Scottish Parts" t-shirts.

  This was our first chance to see the new house that Shelley and Erik built in town last summer.

This is the view from their back porch...really tough, huh? (The mountain is Crested Butte itself.) The house is 3 levels, with bedrooms on the first floor and living room, kitchen, dining room, and deck all on the second floor to get the best views and the most light. They also have a loft area on a third floor with office space for Shelley and Erik.

They can walk to town and are about to sell the car you can see in this picture because they no longer need two vehicles!
  The house is livable but has lots of little projects left to do, like window trim inside and landscaping outside. Bill helps Erik sink the lumber that will outline the front gravel walk and flower beds in front of the porch.
  Bill is eating CHIMICHANGAS! Our first night in CB was Bill's first night able to eat dairy products in 18 years. We decided we had to go to Donita's Mexican Cantina and let Bill loose.

Here is the extended friends-and-family crew enjoying "Sunset Club" aka "Let's all bike some beer out to a river and watch the sun go down."

Shelley and Erik's house is somewhere in the group of houses in the background. We walked here, pulling a wagon full of girls, drinks, and snacks. The girls spent the whole evening down at the water's edge throwing about 1200 rocks into the water.

Bill and I spent the evening hanging out and getting caught up with folks we hadn't seen in a couple years!

Oh, and drinking the beer!


This is Shelley's Uncle Johnny flipping Emily head over heels. At one point in the afternoon Erik had come into the house and said, "You have to go outside and see the girls."

John taught PE and coached gymnastics for over 30 years and was having a great time helping Avery and Emily do backbends, walkovers, and backflips in the backyard!

John said Em was so small and light he could spot her all day. We got Sarah out to try it too. She wasn't as sure what to do with all of her arms and legs but loved giving it a try.