Kindergarten Field Trip to 4 Mile Park, March 19, 2004
  I went with Emily and all the kindergarten classes on a field trip to 4 Mile Park. This is a historical homestead right in the middle of Denver! The field trip finishes off the kindergarten Colorado history study, of which the Colorado show was a part.
  The kids went to 5 different stations during the morning. They sat in a full-size teepee and then threw bean bag "arrows" at buffalo silhouettes; they sat on benches in a schoolhouse while a teacher inspected their fingernails and checked their posture; they pulled water out of a real well to pour it into metal washtubs and wash some clothes on a washboard, and hung them up to dry.

Here Em is in the "barn" where they played instruments and took turns square dancing.
  They also played some games in a field. Em is taking part in a hobby horse race...
  ...and getting ready for her turn in a sack race. We had lots of fun and the weather was beautiful.




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