First Day of Kindergarten!
  Here we are waiting for the first bell on the first day of kindergarten, August 18. Emily is climbing on the stair railing with a girl who will become one of her first friends. The girl's mother is Hawaiian, and we learn the girl's name is Hi'ilei, and Emily spends the next week correcting anyone who says it wrong! (hee-ee-lay)
  Em explores one of the centers in the classroom, the Discovery Table. She is looking through a big microscope.
  Here is Mrs. Cameron, showing the girls how to take the "key" to the bathroom when they need to go!
  The kids flock after Mrs. Cameron to the playground for a little break while another teacher watched. Mrs. Cameron came back had a chance to talk with the parents while they were gone!
  Here is Emily, eating in the BIIIIIIIIIIG lunchroom! She is sitting with all the other kids who will go to "Afternoon Club" after lunch. Aydan, next to her, has turned into a good friend.
  This isn't a great picture of the whole school, but the part that you see is the "old" part of the school, which was built almost 100 years ago! Emily's Afternoon Club classroom is in this part of the building, and has the original wood floors and big windows.




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