Em tells Daddy at breakfast that she wants to try a new flavor of yogurt. "'Cause how do I know if I like it if I don't try it? It's like Green Eggs and Ham!" 9/1

I explain that it is 10 days until (the other) Emily Anne's birthday party. Em says, "That's not so long if we have fun! Because time flies if you're having fun!" She added, "Really!" because she saw me smiling. I said, "Emily, I know! You're right!" And she said, "Because remember we didn't want to come home from Cape Cod so soon?" 9/3

Sometimes Emily just blows me away. Today we were listening to a kids' Beatles song CD in the car. We listened to "Ob-la-di Ob-la-da" several times because it sounds so happy. The second time through, Em said, "It's like a story in a song." The third time through, she said, "I think Molly is singing this song." Then a few minutes later, she said, "It's like a mystery. We don't know if Molly is singing it, or someone else. I like that song because it gives me a question to think about." I said, "Em, that's what great pictures and great songs and great stories do--they give us great questions to think about." 9/5

Emily ties her shoes! 9/7

I start reading "Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle" to Emily one chapter at a time this week! She is also listening to "No Flying in the House" at her Afternoon Club. We've done one or two chapter books before, but Em is really ready for them now.This is going to be fun! 9/8

Em tells Daddy, "An owl sleeps in the daytime and is awake at nighttime. It's nocturnal. I learned that in kindergarten!" 9/12

After I finish reading one of our bedtime stories, about a cat and a dog, we notice a photo of a dog and a cat on the back flap, so I read the copy to Emily. It says that these are the real cat and dog of the story. Emily says, "This story must be non-fiction!" 9/12

Emily D goes to Emily S's 5th birthday party. They make fairy wings! I was a little late picking Em up and even so had to pry her out of the house to take her home! 9/13

Em's school offers after-school "enrichment" clubs. We read the list of choices to Emily: art, chess, drama, dance, karate, and science. She chose science! She will do four weeks of science club starting the 30th! 9/15

Em and I are now reading "Sarah, Plain and Tall." 9/19

In the tub tonight, Emily composes this verse:
"Scrub my foot with lots of soap,
Scrub my foot from head to toe!"
She recited it again as we were getting ready for bed, then said, "That's my first poem!" 9/21

We find a really, really cool park to go to; one of the neat things is a concrete sculpture for climbing on, shaped like two hands coming out of the sand, holding a big rock between them. Em and I have this conversation:
Em: "Are those hands real?"
Me: "What do you think?"
Em: "Real!" (she's smiling)
Me: "Have you ever seen hands that big in real life?"
Em: "Yes."
Me: "Whose?"
Em: "Alex's!!"
We haven't heard about Alex (Emily's imaginary friend) in a loooong time! I say, "Em, I forgot Alex was so big!" 9/27

Em plays with a cardboard tube and the metal magnet balls, and comes up with this rhyme: "Fill it up with lots of balls/Fill it up and hear them fall." She says, "That's my second poem! Write it down for the webpage!" 9/27

We read "Be Nice to Spiders" for bedtime and come across the phrase "a spider's paradise." Em wants to know what a 'paradise' is, and I say, "It's a place where everything is perfect." We talk about how different people would think of different places as paradise. Emily says, "I think paradise is a large pile of candy next to my bed...without the wrappers! I could just jump in!" 9/27

Chris comes over this afternoon with a recipe for making really big soap bubbles. She and the girls have a good time trying it out! They are somewhat successful but decide Denver doesn't have quite enough humidity to keep the bubbles from popping quickly. 9/28

"I don't like orange, yellow, or red. I like cool colors!" Em, this morning, announcing the results of a little lesson on color theory with Christine yesterday! 9/29

Emily has a blast at her science club after school. They talk about basic physics topics like force, use a ramp as a tool to roll things down, knock marbles into each other to see how they transfer force between them, and get a little finger skateboard to take home! Emily's old Purple Coyote classmates Hunter and Emily C, both first graders this year, are taking science club too! 9/30


At bedtime, Sarah says, "Let's look at my clock." So I carry her over to it, and we contemplate it for a few seconds. Then she says, "It's nighttime." 9/03

Sarah is reading "Scarlette Beane" with the Abiyoyos for the next few weeks. 9/2

Sarah's class popped some corn today, and she told her teachers, "I like doin' fopcorn!" 9/3

When we got home, I asked Sarah, "Tell me about the sticker on your shirt, Sarah," and she said, ''Cause I a braaaaate wissner at Abiyoyos today!" We're glad you're a "great listener," sweetie! 9/3

Sarah's favorite thing today at school was "hammering cookies!" (They smashed up chocolate cookies to make "mud" to go along with their book!) 9/5

I show Sarah and Emily the new webpage (my "beta testers"). On the Family Room page, I say, "Look, there's a picture of the elephant book you made for me!" Sarah says, "Click on it!" 9/8

Sarah has a bad fever tonight! I stay up late with her to make sure the medicine is working. Finally, I pick her up, with one arm under her shoulder and one arm under her knees, to carry her into her crib. She giggles and says, "My bottom's stickin' out!" 9/9

Sarah's fever is all gone, but her nose is a little runny. I bring her a tissue and she tells me, "I saved my boogies in my nose to BLOW them out!" 9/11

Here are some of the great words Sarah's teachers have used to describe her this month on her daily reports: interested, patient, clever, independent, hard worker, detailed, social, sharing, good listener, helpful!

Sarah is really enjoying her gardening book at Abiyoyos. After I tucked her in last night, I heard her singing, "The farmer plants the seeds, the farmer plants the seeds, hi-oh-derry-oh, the farmer plants the seeds." 9/15

Sarah's watching out the window of the car. "Whatcha doin', Sarah?" She says, "I waitin' for Nigel." "What for?" "To look at the clouds [with]." 9/16

Snuggling in bed with us and Emily this morning, Sarah counts to ten with no mistakes...then we hear her count backwards from five with no mistakes! Hey, wait a minute! :) 9/20

After reading a book about different jobs in the community, I ask Sarah what job she wants to do when she grows up. She says, "Bake cookies!" 9/20

Sarah picks raspberries with Emily and me, but her bowl winds up empty because she eats them all! In the kitchen she is sad because Emily is helping me rinse the ones we picked and she doesn't have any. I give her a few from our bowl, a little bowl of water, and a towel, and she is very happy, rinsing them carefully in the water, then tenderly taking them out and putting them on the towel to dry. 9/21

Sarah's new book in school is "Elizabeti's Doll." 9/22

Sarah enjoys our new park, too. She sits and listens to Em and I talk about the hand sculpture. Later on, after Em has run off again, Sarah says, "Daddy has big hands!" 9/27

Sarah listens to Emily's ball poem, then tells me, "I made a poem, too! 'Fill it up with lots of balls/Fill....[pause while she realizes she forgot the rest, then...] BOP!" 9/27

We are looking at a pictures of different trucks. I name a forklift, and Sarah, excited, says, "There a forklift in my story Scarlette Beane!" She's right! 9/27

Chris comes over this afternoon with a recipe for making really big soap bubbles. She and the girls have a good time trying it out! They are somewhat successful but decide Denver doesn't have quite enough humidity to keep the bubbles from popping quickly. 9/28

Sarah's first words to me this morning are, "The sun is up! It's a beautiful day!" 9/29