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 We hit the road to Crested Butte! On the way, Em works on a maze book I brought for her. It is for "2nd graders" but Em does most of them all by herself! She asks for hints just a few times. 7/3

Emily and Avery see each other just once or twice a year, but they always have a GREAT time together.
Just before we left, Em made Avery a card that said, "I love you--Avery you're a superstar!" They wanted to be cousins, or sisters. 7/3-6

Em wears a purple bikini borrowed from Avery to go splashing in a river. Shelley helps Em jump around in the "deep part" and float in the current. When the girls get cold, they lie on their tummies in a shallow pool out of the current of the river to warm up. Em throws lots of rocks! Walking back, Em slips and gets a bad scrape on her thumb. She is very brave until we could get to the car and the first aid kit. She even helped Shelley dress it! 7/5

Em says, "Wanna know something funny I just noticed? Kanga and Roo together make Kangaroo!" 7/18

We join all the Purple Coyote kids at JuJu's birthday party--even some kids we haven't seen since the summer session started. Emily lets me braid her hair in preparation for doing gymnastics! Em's favorite part is jumping in the big foam pit. Em and Sarah went with Daddy (to TWO different stores) to choose a present for JuJu and decided on a big arts and crafts kit. 7/19

Daddy buys us some scratch lottery tickets. Mommy gets a complicated one that involves rubbing off specific coordinates (e.g. I8; B3) on a larger picture. Em wants to help and has no problem grasping the concept or finding the proper square! 7/21

Emily recognizes "Daddy's old office" and the park across the street without being told we were nearby. 7/21

Emily likes to practice reading. She knows lots of short words, like: we, happy, see, you, books, I, the, to, if, love...she knows how to sound words out but usually prefers to make wild guesses based on content! 7/25

Grandma and Grandpa come to visit! Emily is not fooled by the Tickle Monster ruse and tells Grandpa, "The Tickle Monster is YOU!" 7/30

We all go to Em's preschool graduation. The kids listen to a "commencement address" from the Dean of the School of Education!! Emily looks very official in her purple cap and gown and walks very nicely across the stage to get her diploma from Miss Mary! We go out to Macaroni Grill afterwards to celebrate. 7/31

I asked Sarah about her owies. She said, "I playing with Moonbears and I fell down and bumped my lip and my head." 15-word sentence! 7/1

On our way to Crested Butte for the 4th, Sarah would look out the window about every 45 minutes and say, "There my mountain!" 7/3

Sarah watched a few fireworks, then hid her head in Daddy's shoulder for the rest. 7/4

Shelley and Avery took us to a river to play. Sarah had a wonderful time throwing sticks in the current. She would announce, in a voice full of discovery, "It foating! It foating!" after each log. Shelley was with her when Sarah threw in a waterlogged branch, and said Sarah was so surprised! "It tinking! It tinking!" Afterwards, she said, "I windy," as in, "It's windy and I'm cold." 7/5

On a walk around the block with the Moonbears, Sarah saw a dog. She said, "That made my owie all better!" 7/9

Bill and I meet with Miss Rachel, who will be Sarah's new master teacher in the Abiyoyo classroom this August. Once again we are impressed and happy with our daughters' Fisher teachers! 7/14

I say I'm going to take a bath after bedtime. Sarah says, "Have a great bath, Mommy!" 7/14

Sarah falls down the stairs! No one saw how it happened, so we ask, "What happened, Sarah?" She says, "I tumbled!" 7/15

Emily and I take Sarah to her Back to School Night for the Abiyoyo classroom. They are reading a camping book right now, so Sarah got to play with some little plastic forest animals, go inside a little tent set up in the play corner (and turn on the flashlights inside!) and make "trail mix" for a snack. And of course, meet her teachers, Miss Rachel, Miss Susan, and Miss Carrie. 7/17

Emily's friend JuJu from Purple Coyotes has invited Sarah to come to her birthday party as well as Emily! All the kids in Em's class know Sarah from drop-off and pick-up times over the last two years, but JuJu is especially fond of her. Sarah is THRILLED to be included and has a wonderful time doing gymnastics with the big kids, and eating cake and ice cream. When I asked her what her favorite part was, she said, "I see JuJu LOVE her presents!" 7/19

Sarah decides to come down a big curly slide head-first, on her tummy. The whole way down she exclaims, "I love this! I love this!" 7/21

Just today one of Sarah's friend's mom was asking her how old she was, and Sarah said, 2, and I said she'd had her birthday in February. Sarah then told Adam's mom, "Nigel and Cati! At my party!" 7/25

This is Sarah's last week in her Moonbear class. The kids moving on to new classrooms in August are spending part of every morning this week in their new rooms with the new teachers and kids. Sarah is taking the transition time completely in stride and enjoying being with the Abiyoyos. 7/28-8/1

Sarah enjoyed sitting in Grandma's lap during Emily's graduation. She played with the paper program, but looked up and said, "There my sister!!" At the Macaroni Grill for dinner, she sang the ABC song at the table, much to the delight of Grandma (and the people in the next table over). 7/31