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Emily notices, "Sometimes 'one minute more' is more than one minute." 6/5

We practice counting by 5s. Em says, "Once you know the pattern, then you know how to count by 5s!" 6/03

Daddy joins Emily at Purple Coyotes for a Father's Day Lunch. The dads get to draw pictures together with their kids, and then they all sing some VERY silly songs together, and have a snack. 6/11

Our friend Patti comes over for dinner--she is in town from NYC to do a play up in Telluride. She says over and over how polite and considerate Emily is! 6/15

Daddy teaches Emily a new card game, War, on the plane, and they play it a LOT. Em stays awake for both our plane trips, but conks out almost immediately when we get in the car for our drive to the Cape. 6/20-26

We have a great visit with the Deppers! Emily loves meeting Erich and goes promptly into "big sister" mode, playing peekaboo, and bringing him toys and blankets. She enjoys playing with Kurt again, and the two especially like doing Legos together.

It's been awhile since Em was in the ocean, but she wasn't shy! She said, "I want to go in deeper!"
Other things Em loved on the Cape: playing Legos with Kurt, jumping off the edge of the pool into Mommy or Daddy's arms in the water, and plowing through all the lobster legs and mussels she could get her hands on! 6/20-26

    When Sarah is impressed, she says, "Wowwwww."

Sarah likes to play "Paper, Rock, Scissors," except when she plays, it's always "Scissors, Scissors, Scissors!" 6/03

Sarah did a great job on the planes to Boston, but got a little cranky on the drive to the Cape. She literally talked nonstop the whole way. At one point she told us, "It winter outside." We said, "No, Sarah, it's summer!" She disagreed: "It little bit winter!" As she was getting fussy and out of sorts, I said, in an attempt to distract her, "Sarah, look at all the green trees!" Without missing a beat she complained, "They not green, they YELLOW!" 6/20

We have a great visit with the Deppers! Sarah meets her cousin Erich for the first time, but loses a little bit of interest when all he does is sit in people's laps! Grammy reads lots of books and Grandpa made a special trip to the bakery to get Meltaways...Sarah very much approved!

Sarah slept on an Aerobed on the floor next to Emily's bed. It was her first time sleeping in a "bed" instead of a crib and she had great fun getting out of bed and walking down the hall to Mommy and Daddy's room--just because she could!

We're not sure if Sarah can remember being at the beach before, but she certainly loved it this summer. She stood right in the water and said, "I standing in a puddle!" and "I need another wave!" We walked by some seaweed and she told me, "That scarin' me," but when I explained it was a plant just like grass in our yard, she wasn't too bothered by it anymore.

We play a round of miniature golf together. Sarah is indifferent about keeping track of her ball until, of course, it disappears down the 18th hole, and she cries and cries because it's gone!

Both girls were superstar travelers for our whole trip. While getting off the plane in Denver, a woman said, "I didn't even know there were two kids up here!" 6/26

Daddy asks Sarah who she played with today at school. Sarah says, "Adam! For a long time! He is my faaaaaavorite friend!" Of course, when she hears Uncle Todd will be stopping by later that evening, she says, "I love Uncle Todd! He is my faaaaaaavorite friend!" (6/27)