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Em performed with the children's bell choir at church this morning! Em, Nori, K'Lei, Katie, and Maya played the tune of "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star," then all the other kids sang a little Sunday School song set to the same tune. They did great--no mistakes and really looked like they were enjoying themselves! 5/2

I went to Emily's Mother's Day Tea for a half hour before going over to Sarah's. Mrs. Cameron had prepared a little show and all the kids recited poems and sang songs while all the moms and grandmas watched! I had to leave while they were still performing, but Em was a superstar and just kept on with the show & didn't get upset. Later Mrs. Cameron told me that Em told her it was important that I get to Sarah's party, too. We have such great kids!!! 5/7

Bill took the girls to Em's soccer game (no rain! no snow!) today while I was at work and reported that everyone had a good time. Both teams scored lots of goals and Emily scored twice! 5/8

I had a wonderful Mother's Day weekend! We went out to dinner after I worked on Saturday (steaks and crab legs, yay!) then went to a bookstore where I got a couple paperbacks. On Sunday morning, I got to sleep in, then around 10 the girls came in with my juice and silverware, and Bill right behind them with my french toast! After I got up we made some muffins and went over to Miss Kelly's house (an ex-Purple Coyote teacher), where she had invited us to join her for an afternoon in the backyard with a couple other families. 5/9

Emily lost another tooth! It was her left front tooth and it fell out in her sleep! She and Daddy had to look in her bed for it. This is tooth 3 since January. 5/9

Daddy went to the Kindergarten Olympics Field Day today with Emily! It was pretty wet outside so they did their races and events in the gym: wheelbarrow races, long jumps, relay races....Em got lots of ribbons and Daddy got a "Dad-o-saurus" ribbon! In the afternoon they attended the Afternoon Club year-end party. Miss Heather had all the kids sing "If I Had A Million Dollars," by the Barenaked Ladies! 5/14

Emily Slotta's family had a spring backyard party and Emily, Sarah, and I went. Emily really enjoyed climbing up into the "treehouse" and drinking her "just for special" Sprite there! Claire-from-Purple Coyotes was there with her parents so we had a chance to play and talk with them. Emily took some good whacks at the pinata but when I saw how much candy she had collected (she used her Tshirt as a pouch and had TONS) I made her put some back for the other kids! Em was pretty mad at me! We came home late and tired out after such a great evening. 5/15

Em's school had a fund-raising carnival this afternoon, so we went for awhile & played some "midway" games like ring tossing and "fishing" for floating ducks. The girls got balloon animals and had just enough winning tickets to choose a couple of prizes. 5/21

A busy Daddy day! I was at work and we had a showing, so Daddy took the girls over to the Fisher Spring Fling. Em and Sarah got their faces and hands painted and worked on a couple of projects, then had lunch there before heading over to Emily's last soccer game of the season. Remi's family invited everyone over to their house for ice cream sundaes after the game! The girls had a great season! 5/22

Emily, Daddy, and Sarah attend Amanda's birthday party at the zoo! 5/23

The kindergarten year-end picnic is today. We sit on our blankets on the playground and visit with all the friends we've made this year. 5/25

Last day of kindergarten! The kids sing a whole bunch of songs for their families, then walk over the bridge to 1st grade and get a certificate. 5/26


I scooted from Emily's Mother's Day Tea to Sarah's Mother's Day Tea and found all the moms mingling after the Abiyoyos had provided snacks and sang a song. Sarah had been a superstar and was perfectly fine while I was gone, knowing I was on my way. Sarah and I sat at a table while I had some iced tea and snacks, then she sat in my lap and sang me the songs I had missed! She also showed me the picture on the wall that she had drawn of me & we got to take it home! 5/7

Sarah is going to be a Purple Coyote! She will transition to the new classroom by June 1. Miss Rachel told us that Miss Carrie, the master teacher for the other young toddler classroom, will be moving into the PC master teacher spot. Carrie was an Abiyoyo assistant teacher for a couple weeks last fall before she moved to the Javelinas, and once when Carrie needed to practice giving an assessment test, Sarah was loaned to her to help out, so Carrie is a familiar face to Sarah. Sarah is SO excited to be a Purple Coyote just like Emily! 5/04

"Once upon a time..." Sarah starts a story, then trails off and Daddy prompts her:
"Who is in your story?"
"Two sisters, Emily and Sarah."
"What did they do?"
"They stayed happy!"

I went with Sarah to gymnastics this morning! She had a great time jumping on the trampoline and JUMPING into the foam pit. 5/14

Emily Slotta's family had a spring backyard party and Emily, Sarah and I went. Sarah loved climbing up into Emily's "tree house" and blowing the bubbles we brought to share over all the grownups' heads! 5/15

We met with Miss Carrie, who will be Sarah's master teacher in Purple Coyotes! We have been so lucky with all of the girls' teachers! 5/18

Emily, Daddy, and Sarah attend Amanda's birthday party at the zoo! 5/23

We go to the Wash Park fire station with the Abiyoyos! Sarah gets to climb through a fire truck, sit on the end for a picture, and walk through the whole station to see where the firefighters eat, sleep, and watch TV! Then we walk to the park for a picnic lunch and some playground time. This is Sarah's last day in Abiyoyos. She has had a great year, but is SO looking forward to being a Purple Coyote just like Emily. 5/28

Sarah is sad because she is not a big sister, too. I remind her that soon she will be a "big cousin" again to Aunt Amy and Uncle John's new baby! She felt much better after that! 5/04

Sarah has been pulling this "Tommy Smothers" routine on Emily lately: Em will start to say or sing something, and Sarah will interrupt with another song or some nonsense syllables, which cracks them both up. They will do this several times in a row, getting gigglier and gigglier each time! 5/31