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Em has another great checkup with the dentist! No cavities, and Dr. John said that 3 more teeth were wiggling! 2/3

Emily had a hard time missing Sarah and having our family be separated while Sarah was in the hospital. When I talked with her on the phone one evening, she told me, "It doesn't feel the same when we're apart." 2/5

Emily makes valentines for her classmates: She cuts out hearts from white paper (all by herself folding the paper in half and cutting out the half-heart shape) then writes her name on them and either colors or glues foam hearts on. 2/14

Our friends the Waggeners came over to play this morning! Kaeli is 4 1/2, Cam is 2 1/2, and all 4 kids play SO NICELY together. 2/16

Another day off from school for Emily! We invited her good friend Amanda to spend the morning. It went so quickly for the girls they were not ready to say goodbye after lunch! 2/17

In the car we are talking about what the girls want to be when they grow up. Emily says, "I'm going to be an artist." I say, "Will you be an artist like Eric Carle, or an artist like Jan Brett, or another kind?" Emily says, "I'm going to be my OWN kind of artist." 2/18

Emily has been working and working on getting across the monkey bar rings on the playground at school. She comes home with lots of blisters, but now can go all the way across!

All by herself Emily is turning into a real reader. Tonight she read the beginning of "I Can Read with My Eyes Shut" to me at bedtime: "I can read in red. I can read in blue. I can read in pickle color too. I can read in bed. And in purple. And in brown. I can read in a circle and upside down!" She only needed a little help on "pickle!" 2/21

Em was an acolyte today at church for the first time! This means she was in charge of lighting the candles as the service began and then snuffing them out as service ended. Usually the acolytes wear white robes but there wasn't one small enough for Emily! I walked down with her to help, but when we were done, Emily said, "Next time, I can do it by myself, Mom!" 2/22

Sarah, Daddy, and I all attended the kindergartens' evening Colorado History show! The kids sang a dozen songs about living in the old West and about Colorado. They wore costumes and "rode" their stick ponies into the auditorium. Emily had a starring role for one song! While the other kids sang, "Giddyup, Pony," Emily got to trot in circles on center stage wearing a huge pony costume! She was great! 2/26





When her teachers asked her what her favorite thing was at school today, Sarah said, "I'm thinkin'... um... decorating my [Valentine's] box." 2/2

Sarah has her first official teeth cleaning at the dentist today! She was a pro, sat very still, did good listening to the hygenist (who said, "I wish all my cleanings were this easy!") and Dr. John said no cavities! 2/3

Poor Sarah! On Tuesday night I took her to the emergency room because the cough she developed on Monday afternoon was not abating despite a full day of home breathing treatments. We spent all night in ER getting medicines and further treatments, but in the end though her cough was much better, Sarah was not getting enough oxygen on her own to be safely sent home. We checked in to the hospital early Wednesday morning so that Sarah could be on oxygen and continue to get breathing treatments and be supervised by the doctors. We stayed until Friday afternoon, then were released in time to celebrate Sarah's birthday Saturday afternoon. 2/3-6

Sarah got a little confused about the hospital sometimes. When she was upset she would say, "I don't LIKE the dentist!" remembering her first visit on Tuesday! 2/3-6

One of the worst things for Sarah about being in the hospital (besides having the oxygen tube taped in her nose) was missing Emily. At night when we were settling down she would say, "I'm sad for Emily!" and start to cry. We would call home so that Sarah could hear her sister's voice. 2/3-6

Sarah endears herself to her mother forever by rejecting the cherry pie on her dinner tray at the hospital: "I only like YOUR pie, Mommy." 2/5

Sarah had a wonderful birthday. We had to reschedule her friends party, but we celebrated Saturday afternoon with presents and cake. Sarah chose a chocolate cake with white frosting, blue writing, and fresh blueberries, which she carefully poked into the frosting on the sides of the cake! 2/7

Sarah's three year check with Dr. Tucker went great! He took her off all treatments and oxygen as she was completely recovered from her bronchialitis. She answered all his questions about what dogs say and what colors were what. She is 30 lbs. and 36 inches tall. Dr. Tucker says, "Beautiful girl, very bright!" 2/9

On Wednesday Sarah finally returns to the Abiyoyos, who have missed her very much. She brings cupcakes and the CD with the Beatles' "Happy Birthday" song, because she wants her friends to dance to it with her! 2/11

Sarah watches Mommy get dressed and wonders about my breasts. I tell her when she's a grown up, she will have them too. She says no: "I'm going to be a boy!"

Sarah makes valentines for her classmates: She cuts out quasi-rectangular shapes from colored paper, draws on them with markers, and either stamps a heart with ink or glues on a foam heart. 2/14

Our friends the Waggeners came over to play this morning! Kaeli is 4 1/2, Cam is 2 1/2, and all 4 kids play SO NICELY together. 2/16

Sarah hears Mom and Em talk about Jan Brett, and she announces, "Jan Brett did Gingerbread Baby!" remembering that from reading the book with the Abiyoyos. 2/18

Sarah again tells us she's going to be a boy, or a Daddy. When I asked why, she said, "Because I like showers!" Because in our house, Daddies take showers and Mommies take baths! 2/21

Some of the descriptive words on Sarah's daily reports this month from her teachers at school: independant, observant, sweet, social, pensive, focused, diligent, loving. 2/23

We finally manage to coordinate Sarah's "Make-Up" Birthday Party with her friends. Nigel, Cati from church, and Ryan from Abiyoyos all came over this afternoon! We played together, then decorated paper hats and wore them while Sarah blew out her candles. They ate cupcakes, opened presents, and played some more! 2/29