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Emily's tooth is getting pretty loose! 1/4

Miss Cameron sent Emily a thank you note for the Christmas cookies we gave her, and Emily read almost all of it all by herself! 1/5

Emily is so confident in the's definitely time to get her to swim lessons! Today at the indoor water park with Nigel and Susan, Emily went down a biiiiig inner tube slide with me several times, even though it meant going in over our heads at the bottom of the slide! There was also an obstacle course she liked: in a small pool about four feet deep, two plastic "logs" and one round "slice of tree" were tethered in a row. Above them was a rope net. The kids would grab on to the ropes above their heads, step onto the logs, and try to work their way across the pool by walking on the floating, rolling logs and hanging onto the ropes! mily did this twice with absolutely no mishaps. 1/5

Bill taught the girls to say, "Mamma mia, that's a spicy meatball," as well as, "I can't believe I ate the whoooole thing." Emily especially can recite these with gusto. While Mommy is laughing her head off, Daddy says, "Daddy has his own projects!"

"I thought losing a tooth would be quick but NO IT'S NOT!" 1/14

Em lost her first tooth! At bedtime she was showing me how much her tooth could twist, then she couldn't get it back in place. I sent her downstairs to Daddy, who gave it a little tug and out it came. Em said, "Am I dreaming?" The tooth fairy thrilled Em with TWO Sacagawea dollar coins. 1/15

Emily is mastering basic fractions. She could figure out that two whole crackers and two half crackers on her plate equaled Sarah's 3 whole crackers; and in the car she told me, "A quarter and a quarter and a quarter and a quarter and a quarter makes one and one quarter."

A friend of Bill's at work was looking at the site and said, "Now, I don't have a lot of experience with children, but Emily seems very bright for her age!"


Susan and Nigel share with us a very cool indoor water park. One of the features is a shallow wading pond with a big piece of special playground equipment in it, with all sorts of water spouts and fountains and slides. Sarah and Nigel spend a long time cranking the wheels that turn a fountain on and off. 1/5

Tonight Sarah showed me her blankie system: "Robe blankie goes on my bottom [between her legs] and blue blankie goes under my head." 1/7

This evening Sarah told me she had a poo, so I said, "Just go upstairs and choose your books and I will be right there to help you with your pullup." But she didn't go up and didn't go up, kept wanting me to carry her, and when I told her one more time to just go upstairs, she took a deep breath and said very loudly, "But I am SO POOPY!" 1/8

Sarah's new baby doll is her "baby" and her cloth doll is her "doll."

Today at school Miss Susan gave Sarah a routine screening in all areas--language, cognitive, fine and gross motor, etc. She said Sarah did GREAT on everything. In particular she mentioned that Sarah was able to draw spokes on a wheel, making sure they were not too short or extending past the circumference of the rim; that when it came to pictures in which something was missing, Sarah mentioned, "This shirt has no sleeve," even before Susan could set the question to Sarah; and that Sarah could hold a string in each hand and step over it like a jump rope, without touching the string or letting the string touch the ground. Yay, Sarah!! 1/14

Today and yesterday at school Sarah has put her pants on inside out after going to the potty. It just makes me smile to see the little white tag on her rear end shifting back and forth as she marches around! 1/14

Sarah's school sheet today said her mood was...."in la-la land!" Not a good day for focusing, oh well! 1/15

I asked Sarah, rhertorically, "What am I going to do when you turn three?" She said, "Make my birthday cake!"

I told Sarah her socks were getting too small, and she wanted to send them to Aunt Amy and the baby!

Sarah's pull-up was dry all morning today, and at lunchtime she jumped up and said, "My peep is coming!" and ran to the bathroom to go! 1/26

Some of Sarah's favorite activities at school this month were: "Squirting water out of frogs [plastic squirting frogs in the water table]," "Making my thing for Emily. I saved the bananas I made [a snack with bananas, raisins, and honey]," "Making a rain stick," "Slithering like a snake," and "Eating my cookies [decorated animal cookies with frosting!]." 1/31